Workplace Analytics and Reporting with Insights

Rich real-time insights and dynamic business intelligence dashboards and reporting help you better understand and optimize your office space and meeting room usage.


Next-Level Workplace Data Analytics

  • Integrates with Office 365 & Microsoft Exchange
  • Insights dashboards built with Microsoft Power BI
  • Insights based on your own live dataset from our booking solutions

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Insights’ Personalized Workplace Data Analytics

Our customizable Insights workplace analysis solution uses business intelligence dashboards built with Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights and reporting based on your live data gathered from our booking solutions you have in place.

Leveraging Insights can help you better understand and utilize your office spaces, including the following key benefits and capabilities:

Benefits and Capabilities

  1. Monitor and show reports for how specific workspaces and resources are utilized
  2. Identify workspace utilization patterns
  3. Understand how your existing space is used to make utilization improvements
  4. Maximize the use of your workplace spaces including desks, meeting rooms and more
  5. Optimize meeting room and workspace setups and resources
  1. Implement efficiencies in workspace and resource usage and production
  2. Reduce overhead and operations costs related to workspaces and workspace resources
  3. Stay competitive and make data-driven decisions to maximize productivity and reduce waste
  4. Answer key stakeholder questions about workspace and resource usage and management quickly and easily

See How to Leverage Insights for Your Business

Business intelligence (BI) helps you stay competitive and make data-driven decisions. Insights is based on Power BI from Microsoft and uncovers a multitude of workplace data analytics and insights, such as – who in your organization spends the most money on catering, or which rooms are consistently at capacity or under-utilized.

The Insights module offers you an access point to a dashboard where you can build reports based on your own dataset from your meeting room booking system Resource Central and our other solutions. As usual, there is a high focus on data security to ensure your companies information. If required, we have the expertise to assist in the building of your custom reports.

Meeting room booking reports

How to Use Insights to Benefit Your Business

Identify Workspace Utilization Patterns

Using the Insights dashboards helps you truly understand how your existing space is used, so you can identify utilization patterns without spending a lot of time collecting and analyzing data. Your historical workplace analytics empowers you to make improvements to your workplace and maximize your office space.

Insights is offered as an optional feature with Resource Central which can help you visualize data. Get ahead of overspending on real estate or employee complaints about lack of meeting spaces. The workplace insights you gain will shape recommendations regarding office real estate, workspace design, management and utilization processes and resource allocation. Insights will enable you to design a workplace that supports your employees and sets them up for success.

Monitor How Meeting Rooms, Desks and Resources Are Used

Leverage advanced workplace analytics developed from your whole dataset to better help you understand your workspace and resource usage patterns and to make informed, data-driven decisions for internal processes.

Because Insights dashboards can be set up to monitor and show reports for the exact elements  relevant for your organization, you can quickly and easily understand different patterns in your organization related to meeting room booking, desk booking, visitor management, service orders and catering.

In doing so, your customized workplace insights will shed light on opportunities for workspace management improvement and how to drive greater productivity and efficiency. This will help you continually adapt your workspaces and other office space needs to align with your business as it evolves over time.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

With the Insights dashboards, you can visualize both future, current, and historical workplace data. Easy to set up, and easy to use, Insights dashboards are fully customizable and offer an interactive user experience. You can also choose to purchase a complete customization of the dashboards with a set up to fit your exact reporting needs.

  • Learn about workspace and meeting room utilization, visitors, and service orders
  • Monitor workspace and resource usage
  • Understand key workplace data analytics including busy times of day, workspace shortage, and more

Insights workplace insights and reporting can also be exported as reports to easily share with others.

Leverage this intuitive tool and harness its compelling business intelligence to make informed decisions for your organization.

Pre-Register External Visitors for Meetings with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Easily Answer Key Business and Stakeholder Questions

Insights empowers your facility managers, catering managers, and other decision-makers in your organization by providing workplace analytics necessary for important operational decisions.

Your Insights dashboard can easily answer questions like:

  • What times of day at the office are busiest?
  • Are there enough workstations to accommodate the team at peak hours?
  • Do you have enough small meeting rooms to accommodate one-on-one meetings and huddles?
  • Is there a difference on spend catering costs based on persons, locations, buildings, months?

These are only a few of the interactive views and reports you will be able to create from your Insights-produced office insights.

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