The Problems with Recurring Meetings and What to Do About Them

Are you exhausted with the problems of managing recurring meetings? Every organization has this problem in common. Hold on for a minute; we have the solution for the issues of recurring meetings. We will sum up the solutions for effectively managing time and attendees.

What Is a Recurring Meeting?

A periodical meeting regularly is the terminological definition of a recurring meeting. This regular meeting is a chunk of problems rather than being more productive. If you are currently serving in a managerial position, you will have recurring meetings daily. Furthermore, research shows that a manager spends 35% to 50% of the time in recurring meetings.

Recurring meetings halt productivity and innovation with a wastage of time and effort. Moreover, we all have been through these regular meetings off and on. Therefore, recurring sessions rarely have constructive outcomes.

This is an ongoing problem with almost 98% of organizations. COVID-19 has made recurring meetings virtual. Virtually, Microsoft Outlook® is the platform that hosts recurring outlook meetings. Likewise, recurring meetings on Outlook do have issues. We have the answer to the two questions. What are the problems of recurring outlook meetings, and how to resolve them?


What Are the Topmost Problems and Solutions of Recurring Meetings?

The following chart represents the chunk of problems and their solutions:



Time Wastage  

Schedule recurring meetings for a short time with a pre-decided agenda

Manage Attendants  

Not every person has to play a role in recurring meetings. Therefore, make sure to include those who are playing a part in it. That will let the others focus on their work promptly.

Low Productivity  

Assign tasks and schedules to every attendee of the meeting. Consequently, this will boost their morale. They will add constructive steps as per their assigned task.

Poor Engagement from lower hierarchy  

Change the meeting leader periodically. Involve lower hierarchy to lead the recurring meetings. They know core issues. Thus, a recurring meeting will generate better results.

Unnecessary Attendees  

Review meeting attendants every time before recurring meetings. Hence, exclude those attendees who have no specific task in the meeting.

What Are Recurring Meeting Issues with Outlook?

The issues of Outlook recurring meetings are similar, as discussed above. However, the only difference is that modern recurring meetings are on a virtual platform. So, manage time effectively and smartly while organizing recurring outlook meetings. Moreover, efficient management of recurring meeting attendees is also crucial.


What Is an Innovative Way to Find and Book Meeting Rooms?

You can use efficient meeting management tools like Resource Central to increase meeting outcomes. Similarly, Resource Central is a resource booking tool for Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft 365. It saves ample time spent to look for and book recurring meetings and extra services.

The tool’s usage has a massive impact on meeting planning productivity. Ease the meeting room booking process for a series of meetings by changing the predefined percentage of conflicts allowed in your Exchange Properties to ensure fewer recurring meeting series are declined. Easily find and book the meeting room that’s available for your whole meeting series in our overview or get a list of conflicting dates you need to book a new meeting room for.

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Updated November 2021

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