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Desk Management Software

Workspace management technologies that make it easy for employees to book desks safely, quickly and flexibly. With the desk booking software built into our Resource Central and our Workspace Booking App, your staff can work more efficiently in a shared and hybrid workspace.

Hot Desk Booking

Simplify the management of flexible workspaces. Hot desking is a great solution for businesses that have many part-time employees, remote employees, or employees that spend a lot of time out in the field.

Workplace Analysis with Insights

Use rich and dynamic business intelligence dashboards and reporting to better understand your office space usage and make data driven decisions for your company based on your own live dataset from Resource Central and our other solutions.

Receptionist Software

Improve the visitor experience while saving front desk staff time. Receptionist software helps your company improve the visitor experience while saving front desk staff time and freeing them up to focus on other tasks.

Return to Office

Returning to your new hybrid workplace after the pandemic is unlike anything we have experienced before. In the face of these challenges, organizations must ensure that employees, management, policies, procedures, and office solutions support this ‘new normal.’

Room Scheduling Software

Resource Central and our Workspace Booking App enable you to locate and schedule the room you need, as well as manage the invitees and ordering meeting resources such as catering quickly and easily.

Smart Office Solutions

Smart office products connect people to your office building with an ecosystem of hardware and software that helps them locate the best workspaces, find colleagues, and spontaneously book free meeting rooms. Flexible workspaces give employees autonomy and empower them to do their best work.

Visitor Management

The Resource Central’s visitor management feature helps your staff manage the visitor process to achieve an effective workflow: from registration, to the printing of visitor badges, to reporting on visitors.

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