How to Collaborate in Microsoft Teams and Schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook

There are many collaboration platforms to choose from out there but one of the best solutions available is Microsoft Teams because it comes free with Microsoft365 and Office365. Microsoft Teams provides a seamless user experience for those who are already using Microsoft products because they can quickly and easily schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook. What’s more, Microsoft Teams is straightforward and easy to use, so there is only a small learning curve. Nevertheless, it’s beneficial to provide employees with some tips and training so they can familiarize themselves with all the features available and make the most of Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based platform that allows users to schedule online meetings, share documents, host video calls, broadcast live events, and share their screens. Using Microsoft Teams is convenient because you can click the Teams icon in your Outlook client to book a Teams meeting and a link to connect to the Teams meeting will be included in the invite.

Microsoft Teams also allows you to create dedicated channels for specific teams or tasks. You can invite people to a specific channel and then initiate calls within that channel or simply use the channel to chat with teammates. It’s helpful to use chat to communicate because it means you can search through prior conversations down the line to find important information or recall points discussed.


How to Arrange a Team Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Whether you want to learn how to schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook or know how to start a meeting directly in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams is easy to learn and use.

To create a team meeting in Outlook using your desktop client, simply open Outlook, switch to the calendar view and then select New Teams Meeting in the top menu.

Add invitees to the Required or Optional fields and fill out the meeting subject, location, start time, and end time.

Write a message and then click Send.

If you are not seeing the New Teams Meeting icon in your Outlook client, it could mean that you do not have the Teams add-in installed or that it hasn’t been installed properly.


How to Schedule a Teams Meeting from Outlook on the Web

If you want to create a Teams meeting in Outlook on the web, go to the new event form and then turn the Teams meeting toggle on.

Once you send an invite for the meeting, the meeting join details for the event will be included in your event.

If you want to start a Teams meeting directly within Microsoft Teams itself, navigate to the Calendar area and then click the “Meet Now” button. Name the meeting whatever you wish and then toggle the video and audio icons to enable or disable them. Once the meeting starts, you can invite people in your organization by typing their name into the “Invite Someone” field. To invite people from outside your organization, click the link icon and then copy an invite to your clipboard to send to them.

To schedule a meeting for a later time via Microsoft Teams, click any open space in your calendar or click the New Meeting button and this will bring up a new meeting form for you to fill out.


Enhance the booking experience with a meeting and resource booking tool

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool for enhancing the meeting experience and collaborating with your colleagues. It is especially powerful to combine Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams with a resource booking tool so you can easily book meeting rooms and resources in addition to your Teams meeting.

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