How a Desk Booking App Can Make Your Return-to-Office Plans a Success

As measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have eased, more companies are planning their return to the office. Flexible, hybrid working is here to stay, and having a desk booking app can make for a successful and seamless return to the office.


Creating physical floor plans and manually tracking desk bookings is extremely inefficient and doesn’t give employees peace of mind. Digital desk booking apps enable companies to effectively manage a return to the office while ensuring the safety of employees.


The Benefits of Desk Booking 

Need to sell the idea of desk booking to your team? Here are a few of the many benefits your company may experience by using a desk booking app.


More Flexibility

Desk booking apps allow employees to book desks in advance or on the spot. Desk booking empowers employees to take control of their work environment, so they can decide when and where to sit, without having to roam the office to find an available desk.


Lower Costs

It isn’t only employees who stand to benefit from using a desk booking app. Desk booking apps enable office managers to optimize floor space and save on real estate costs. They can accommodate more people with fewer desks by using a rotational schedule and doing away with traditional assigned seating.


Better Metrics

Using a desk booking app gives you access to real-time data on which desks are being used and enables employers to track desk usage and better plan for future real estate needs.


Improve Workplace Health and Safety

A desk booking app is not only an effective administrative and cost-saving tool—it also helps protect employee health and wellbeing by ensuring that social distancing measures are followed. Employers can use the app to make some desks reservable and others unavailable so that desks remain properly distanced.

Desk booking apps also allow employers to track which desks are occupied by whom, making it a lot easier to perform contact tracing in the event that someone contracts Covid-19 and people sitting in neighboring desks need to be notified.


What to Look for in a Desk Booking App

Below are some important features to look for when shopping around for a desk booking app for your office.


Allows conference room booking 

By enabling the booking of conference rooms with the same app, you can streamline the process for employees to plan their day or week in the office. They can figure out where they’re going to sit as well as book conference rooms for any meetings they plan to have throughout the day.


Provides workspace analytics

A desk booking app that integrates with a backend reporting dashboard for management can provide data on which desks and meeting rooms have the highest demand, which desks are under-utilized, and more. This will help the executive team make better real estate decisions in the future.



Look for a desk booking app that features a color-coded floor plan that allows users to quickly and easily determine which desks are available and book a desk directly on the touch screen.


Facilitate a Smooth Transition to the Workplace with the Workspace App

Giving your employees an easy way to book workspaces when they go back to the office is key to ensuring a smooth transition.

Our Workspace app offers user-friendly desk booking and conference room features that streamline the process of booking a workspace. Contact us today to sign up for a free trial or free online demo!

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