Get Daily Meeting Room Management Under Control with Resource Booking Software

Get Daily Meeting Room Management Under Control with Resource Booking Software

Meeting scheduling and resource booking can be tedious without the right tools. While it’s not a glamorous task, meeting and resource scheduling is an important job function that can help to maximize productivity and facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

With traditional methods, trying to figure out which meeting rooms are available and when, as well as whether attendees are available to meet with you at the chosen meeting time, can be time-consuming and lead to booking mistakes. Whether you need to schedule three meeting rooms or three hundred each day, meeting room and resource booking software can help you manage rooms and resources quickly and easily.

When managing meeting rooms and resources, the key to success is efficiency. With meeting room and resource scheduling software, you can reduce manual processes and enable your team to schedule meetings and resources anytime, anywhere. Users can connect via their desktop, tablet, or mobile device to easily find and reserve conference rooms, shared workspaces, parking spaces, video conferencing lines, and more.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook®

Want to make the most of your Outlook calendars? Integrate your resource scheduling software with Microsoft Outlook to maximize the benefits of your calendaring system and seamlessly organize meetings without ever having to leave the comfort of Outlook.

Rather than using Outlook’s out-of-the-box resource scheduling tools, you can get access to more features by integrating your Outlook with a resource booking add-on like Resource Central. This also increases the likelihood of successful user adoption since users are already familiar with the Outlook interface.

Reducing Travel with Videoconferencing Technology

In recent years, the use of videoconferencing technology has increased significantly. The web conferencing software and services industry is forecast to grow to reach $3.6 billion in 2020. Videoconferencing bridges communication gaps and saves organizations time and money. It enables collaboration across offices in multiple locations so that their decision-making processes become more agile.

With Resource Central, you have an all-in-one solution for booking meeting rooms and resources, videoconferences, and associated services. There is no need to use multiple applications for booking these different items, and you can ensure that all of your team members are kept in the loop because all of the information is updated in real-time via Outlook.

Track Resource Utilization

Resource booking software enables you to learn how your resources are being used—or if they are being used at all. Real estate is one of the biggest expenses that businesses have, so it only makes sense to track the usage of space carefully to know where the dollars are going. Resource booking tools like Resource Central allow you to pull reports that show you how your workspace is being used, so you know which rooms are over- or underutilized. You can evaluate the reports and analyze trends based on location, department, person, and other parameters.

Whether you’re scheduling people, meeting rooms, AV equipment, or parking spaces, Resource Central allows you to track them all in one place. If you’re ready to try Resource Central and see how it can help you optimize room and resource management at your organization, sign up for a free trial today!


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