Designing a Positive Visitor Experience That Leaves a Strong Impression

We all know that first impressions count. When you invite a potential business partner to your office, or you host a group of clients for a lunch meeting, you want to be sure that the experience from the moment they walk in the door is one that will leave them with a positive image of your company.

Before mapping out how you will create a positive visitor experience, it’s crucial to identify who your visitors are and why they are visiting you. Map out the ideal experience for each visitor type and scenario separately.


Identify Touchpoints 

Once you have identified who will be visiting your office and why, determine which touchpoints visitors will interact with at your office. They may include the following:

  • Arriving at the building
  • Reception area
  • Meeting rooms
  • Communal areas


Put yourself in the shoes of a potential visitor and think about what they might expect or need at each touchpoint. How might they feel? What services could you offer? Are there any gaps between the services? How could you make the experience better?

Survey staff members who come into contact with visitors or work in and around the touchpoints to get their take on what they think could improve the visitor experience. For example, you could talk to receptionists and security personnel.

As a part of mapping out the experience, think about all the background processes and services needed to facilitate and streamline the guest experience.


Implement Visitor Management Software

The lobby of your office sets the tone for a visitor’s experience at your office. Visitor management systems allow receptionists to quickly check in new visitors, automatically send notifications to hosts when visitors arrive, and print scannable visitor badges.

With a visitor management system, you no longer need to use a paper logbook, handwrite badges, or call or type out messages to employees when visitors arrive. By streamlining the visitor check-in process, visitor management systems save front desk staff time and free them up for more important tasks and projects.


Enable Self Check-In with a Kiosk Solution  

Automate your front desk area even further with a kiosk solution. A kiosk enables visitors to sign in and sign out on their own, so a receptionist doesn’t have to be present.

A kiosk is a simple, unmanned visitor registration system that collects and logs visitor data and allows people to print visitor badges. Kiosks help companies cut costs because they no longer need a dedicated staff member to check visitors in.

Kiosks give your business a sleek, modern appearance and eliminate clutter in the reception area. They also enhance security by recording all visitor details.


Guide and Engage Visitors with Digital Signs 

Digital signage offers a highly powerful, effective, and dynamic form of communication that can be customized with your company’s branding. Digital signs can be set up to provide wayfinding to visitors, helping them navigate around your facility. They can also be used to display social feeds, promotional content, or news and updates about your company. Placed outside of meeting rooms, digital signs can be used to display meeting schedules and inform visitors who are attending meetings at your facility.

To learn more about how conference room signsvisitor management software, and meeting room booking systems can help to streamline visitor management and make a positive impression on visitors, contact Add-On Products today to sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Resource Central and Digital Sign Service.

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