Municipality of Fredensborg Lowers Costs and CO2 Emissions with the Aid of Add-On Products’ Resource Booking Software

You can use Add-On Products’ resource booking software Resource Central to book virtually any resource imaginable and our customer case studies attest to that. Yet when most people think of resource booking software, they don’t realize how powerful and impactful it can be. The Municipality of Fredensborg in Denmark is an example of an organization using resource booking software for the greater good, all while achieving cost savings. Fredensborg has adapted Resource Central to their needs, using it to support their transition to ecologically friendly transportation.

In alignment with the goal of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy and the Danish government to become independent of fossil fuels by 2050, the Fredensborg town council adopted a Climate and Energy Strategy in 2011. The strategy aims to put the municipality at the forefront of CO2 emissions reduction efforts in Denmark. The strategy focuses on energy efficiency, energy savings, and renewable energy. One of the municipality’s initiatives involved purchasing nine electric cars for its staff members to use for inspections, meetings, etc. However, the municipality found that the electric cars weren’t being used as much as they could be, so they sought a booking system that would simplify the process of finding and booking available electric cars among staff.

In order to encourage employees to maximize the use of the new electric cars, Fredensborg, in collaboration with its IT department, decided to implement Resource Central, a resource booking system that integrates with Microsoft Outlook®. The Municipality of Fredensborg was already using ResourceFinder, a feature of Resource Central, to book conference rooms and extra services in their town hall, so the choice to use Resource Central to book electric cars was an easy one.

The Municipality of Fredensborg registered five of their nine electrical cars in Resource Central’s Outlook®-based calendar system in 2013 and has seen great success since its implementation. They did not register the remaining four electric cars on Resource Central because they wanted to keep them available to people who needed to grab a vehicle at a moment’s notice.

Thanks to Resource Central, nearly 400 employees are able to get a quick and comprehensive overview of available electric cars and reserve a car when they need it. The user interface is exactly the same as the one that the staff was using to book conference rooms, so there was no learning curve and no additional user training required. The electric car bookings can be completed in about 2 minutes.

Achieving Savings While Fighting Climate Change

The Municipality of Fredensborg has seen an increase in the number of employees who use the electric cars instead of their own vehicles. The benefits have included lower mileage allowance expenses, reduced CO2 emissions, and decreased fuel costs. The electric cars travel approximately 10,000 kilometers per year, lowering CO2 emissions by around 9 tons on an annual basis.

For the Municipality of Fredensborg, the decision to implement Resource Central was a natural one because they were already using Resource Central to book conference rooms and its user-friendly interface was a hit among personnel. Resource Central has allowed Fredensborg to make great strides toward the goal of becoming fossil fuel-free while strengthening its image as a climate-friendly municipality.

Pave the Path to Energy Efficiency with a Resource Booking System

Add-On Products’ Resource Central is a user-friendly resource booking system for Microsoft Outlook® that you can use to meet your energy efficiency goals and book many different resources, from transportation and conference rooms to equipment and extra services. For more information about how Resource Central can meet your organization’s varied resource booking requirements, contact Add-On Products today to set up a free trial or online demo.

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