Checklist for Buying Meeting Scheduling Software

If you’re in the market for meeting scheduling software, you’re probably evaluating and comparing a number of different systems that seem nearly identical. Most meeting room booking systems are designed to streamline the process of booking meetings, finding meeting rooms, and inviting attendees, so they offer similar features and functions and it can be tough to differentiate them. Below is a checklist of important features to look for when selecting meeting scheduling software.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution

Traditional, on-premises software is costly to maintain and challenging to upgrade. A growing number of organizations are switching to cloud-based SaaS solutions because they are affordable, scalable, and easy to maintain and use.

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades are included in the monthly cost and you only have to pay for what you actually use.


Integration with Digital Room Displays & Calendar Software

Meeting room displays make it easier for both employees and visitors to find and book meeting rooms. Not only do they display the name of the meeting room prominently, they also have a touchscreen that allows you to tap to book, extend, cancel, or end a meeting room booking on the spot.

You can also set up a centralized meeting directory that displays all of the rooms in your facility as well as meeting schedules. Bookings on your team’s Microsoft Outlook® calendars, meeting directory, and digital meeting room sign are all synchronized and up-to-date.


Hardware Agnostic Software

It’s best to choose meeting scheduling software that can be used with a variety of digital displays, so you’re not tied to proprietary hardware.

Hardware agnostic meeting scheduling software is much more flexible and affordable. You can use iPads, Android tablets, or other hardware of your choosing.


Actionable Insights 

Reporting that provides room occupancy data and analytics helps you better understand how your office’s meeting rooms are being used. You can look at data such as the average length of meetings, average number of meetings per day, conference rooms that are used the most and the least, and other valuable insights that could help inform future real estate and office layout decisions.


Additional Admin Tools for Managing Meeting Rooms

Look for software that allows you to customize meeting room information with details about capacity, how to check in, amenities, permission settings, equipment available, etc.


Mobile App for Conference Room Scheduling 

Mobile apps that allow employees to schedule meeting rooms and desks anytime, anywhere are highly beneficial because employees don’t have to use a computer or touchscreen display to book a meeting or a workspace. A mobile app allows employees to quickly book a meeting on the go while avoiding shared surfaces that can spread germs.


Ability to Book Desks and Huddle Rooms

With a growing number of organizations embracing flexible working arrangements, it’s become more common to use shared desks that can be reserved by employees when they are in the office rather than assigned seating. Giving employees the ability to book desks as quickly as they reserve meeting rooms is vital in today’s flexible workplace.

Additionally, having the ability to book alternative workspaces like huddle rooms is essential so that employees can book the right type of meeting space for their needs. Resource Central’s Workspace App features an interactive floor plan that allows users to tap on a desk, conference room, or huddle room to book.


Check-In Feature

A meeting room booking system that provides a check-in feature prevents meeting rooms from sitting empty. Whether someone cancels a meeting at the last minute and forgets to free the room or has a recurring meeting that they forgot to cancel, the meeting room will become available for others to book if the meeting host doesn’t check in after a certain amount of time. Meeting hosts can check in using their mobile app or via a meeting room digital display.


Automated Creation of Work Orders

When you book meetings and need to order extra services like catering, it’s helpful when the software you use automatically submits work orders to vendors and service providers. That’s one less thing for your employees to do when they schedule and plan meetings and work events.


How to Get Started with Resource Central

Resource Central is a leading meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and 365. Our room scheduling software can also be used to book hot desks, huddle rooms, and other resources, as well as order catering, A/V equipment, and other services according to your needs. Resource Central is easy to implement and use.

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