Booking Possibilities in Resource Central: Car Pooling, Guided Tours, and More

Resource booking software is more versatile than you might imagine. Software that is used to schedule meetings, reserve meeting rooms, and invite attendees can also be used to book cars, parking spaces, shuttle services, guided tours, and other resources. The interface of a resource booking system gives you an at-a-glance overview of available resources at your office and other company locations. Using a simple search tool, you can enter keywords and filter results to find what you’re looking for.

Add-On Products’ resource booking software Resource Central for Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook 365, and Exchange allows companies to organize their resources by location, including country, city, and specific office. There can be different types of resources in each location.

The organization of resources can be modified to fit the needs of your organization, and end users can browse resources by category and filter results. The ability to search and filter is particularly helpful in large organizations where many different types of resources are available. The following are some of the services that organizations can offer for booking via Resource Central.


Resource Central serves as an efficient booking system for reserving company vehicles. Staff can book company cars and view the status of each vehicle at all times, determining which cars are free as well as which cars have been booked and by whom.

Parking Passes

A meeting or event organizer can reserve parking spaces and enter the quantity of parking passes required for visitors to the facility. The request for parking passes is automatically sent to the receptionist so that the parking passes will be ready when visitors arrive. The receptionist could also use Resource Central to refer to a list of expected visitors in order to send them parking passes via email.

Guided Tours

Guided tours can be set up in your resource booking system. When a particular tour is selected and requested, an email is automatically sent to the tour guide or coordinator, letting him or her know who will be joining the tour and when so that they can prepare accordingly.

Car Pooling

A user can enter the quantity of required seats in the resource booking software, noting whether or not he or she has a driver’s license. A request is then sent to an internal or external service provider, who accepts the request if there are enough seats left and rejects it otherwise.

Shuttle Services

Similarly, shuttle services can be booked via Resource Central. A time table or different time slots for shuttle services can be set up. When shuttle services are requested for a particular time slot, an email is sent to the shuttle service company with a list of passengers.

Fast, Easy, and Versatile Resource Booking with Resource Central

Resource Central gives your staff the ability to book a wide array of resources, from parking spaces and workspaces, to cars and shuttle services. Resource Central is an extension of your existing Microsoft Outlook system, so all of the appointment information is accessible through Outlook and has the same user interface to which you’re already accustomed.

When you manage your meetings, personnel, and resources more effectively with a resource booking system like Resource Central, it’ll have a positive impact on your bottom line. Administrators will also get access to reports that enable them to track resource usage, so they can make business decisions that refine and improve resource utilization and management as a whole.

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