3 Simple Ways We Can Help the Transition into a Flexible Workplace with the Right Technology

Technology Helps the Transition into an Efficient Flexible Workplace

In 2022 flexible working will still be a part of life for many of us. The demand for being able to work at the office, remote, and with flexible start and finish times has grown during the past year.

To ensure that the transformation into a more flexible workplace runs smoothly in an organization technology plays a big role. New technologies are available, making collaborating with colleagues more convenient and accessible.


Desk Booking Software

Employees can book desks and workspaces in advance using our Workspace app or Microsoft Outlook® add-in to ensure they can be productive on the days they work from the office. When arriving at the desk, employees can check in by scanning the QR code on their desk with the Workspace app to verify they are using the desk. This will ensure that contact tracing and proper sanitization is in place.

This is also beneficial because staff can see their co-workers status both in advance and at present, allowing them to easily find each other for collaborative purposes. If you open an upcoming reservation from the list on your Workspace app, the floor map shows you where your reservation is located. You can also see what other desks are booked and by whom.


Meeting Room Booking Software

In a flexible workplace, we still need meetings. How we collaborate has changed from primarily being in-person to a combination of remote and in person working. With Resource Central meeting room booking software, you can arrange all types of meetings. You can also ensure your meeting rooms are equipped with relevant hardware for video conferencing so colleagues attending remotely, can easily take part.

Other benefits of Resource Central include the ability to book other types of associated services in advance of your day at the office. It is possible to search for and book, meeting rooms, desks, audio-visual equipment, catering, parking spaces, etc. with our add-in for Microsoft Outlook®.


Visitor Management Software

At a flexible working organization, visitor management is more important than ever. Everyone who enters a workplace, employees and guests all need to be tracked in case there is a COVID outbreak. Our visitor management system makes it possible to keep track of all people who have been in your offices at any given time. Guests can check in via self-check in kiosks or through reception. Employees can check in using QR Codes or NFC cards. Administrators can then run reports to determine any close contacts throughout the day.

Knowing who is in your office is not only a way to give guests a good visitor experience, it is also a way to keep everyone safe in case of COVID-19 and the need for tracking contacts.

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